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     We are a collective of like-hearted individuals committed to service and sharing a diverse offering of art forms for heart activation. What is heart activation? Simply put..."complete heart-mind-body integration." It is understanding the truth of who you are, why the challenges you face are necessary, and what you are here to do. We all have a mission, and it lies dormant until we ask and search. The heart center is the bridge between all energy centers and when activated, it brings harmony to all centers.

     We are honored to share with you an ancient and modern healing arts system combining life coaching, yoga, tai chi, reiki, hypnosis, tapping, frequency therapy, sound healing, ayurveda, sacred geometry, spa services, and much more. We've been through the very lows, and realized the importance of appreciating every light or dark experience! Your true power lies in living in each moment "in the now," with gratitude and love. Heart Arts Academy was born to share universal wisdom in unconventional and experiential ways to activate the knowledge that already lies within:

  • be easy to enter the flow state,

  • never stop playing and laughing,

  • nothing is ever good or bad as both are necessary,

  • you are the creator of your reality, 

  • let go of separation to embody oneness,

  • always love and forgive, and

  • appreciate the greatest gift to be here right NOW!

​     Our intention is that you will receive, reflect, and explore in a safe space; then play and take action. Be inspired to share this arts system with others in our new paradigm of opportunities! It is time to awaken to your truth, let go of the past, heal and recognize your gifts, and live authentically from your heart with optimal health and power. If you are aligned with this mission and would like to join our academy to offer your services, we'd love to hear from you!


~Collin & Djazia~


"Djazia is a powerful soul who has definitely enlightened my life. Her words of wisdom, kindness, and welcoming heart helped me shift to a new perspective. Divine timing allowed us to meet her when I needed someone to remind me of my worth. It's obvious she loves her purpose of harmonizing people. My experience with Djazia was beautiful and impactful. 🧡"

~Brisa M.

"I have definitely enjoyed and benefited from Collin's classes during the pandemic. The sessions allow me to feel really connected to a group of people outside my home (what we are all searching for at this time), and your calming and soothing teaching methods are a balm for my stressed out spirit. After watching me do one of the sessions, now my husband wants to participate as well. He was a world-class athlete in college but has eschewed gyms and trainers most of his adult life. Seeing him get interested in yoga is wonderful, and I credit you and your classes for his turnaround. So thank you twice."

~Ann D.

"Jazzy is a TRUE blessing. She is a giver and really wants to help. She has amazing intuition and knowledge of the spiritual world. She is an amazing spiritual guide. I had been wanting her type of guidance for years and am truly blessed to have her as a spirit guide for me."

~Dustin S.


"I'm a beginner (but not new) yogi who's trying to build up my daily Yoga practice. I've purchased an eight-session pack and have learnt from Collin in the past two months. I liked every aspect of our sessions. Collin was always grounded, prepared, and sincere in each session. He reflected my needs/requests into the instructions and respected my pace. Each session for me was more than just learning yoga; it felt more like having a weekly check-in for deepening my practice while also getting energetic support from a warm-hearted friend. The studio was also a very pleasant place to be in, clean and serene. I've decided to continue working with him in a group setting for now, but plan to pick up 1-1 sessions again whenever needed."

~TJ B.

"I like how Djazia gave me the opportunity to say what I think and share my logic before you gave me feedback. She is very friendly...I feel like I gained a best friend and a mentor all in one! In our coaching sessions, everything was straight to the point and we stayed on track the whole time which I really appreciated.😁"

~Brianna G.

"Collin David has been hands down the best yoga instructor or trainer I've ever had! Not only has he found ways for me to practice yoga with a hefty wrist injury, but I can tell that each session is helping me balance my body while strengthening it to reach my goals. He's also kept the mindfulness of yoga a center driver in everything we do. Each time I leave feeling more grounded, strengthened, and connected to my body."

~Cassandra W.

"This retreat was one-of-a-kind experience as I felt like I was at a five-star hotel. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone that is willing to try to fix their relationship and go to new heights in life!"

~Dewane B.

"Collin is an amazing instructor! Not only is he knowledgeable and helpful, he is very patient and friendly. He took time and efforts to correct my posture and guided me to progress through the practice. Each class I learned something new and is always fun and rewarding. Would highly recommend him to all my friends and colleagues."

~Annie L.

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