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The Art of Love & Relationships

Welcome to Heart Arts Academy, where we help you bridge the connection to yourself, particularly your heart center, and attract thriving relationships in all aspects.

Are you seeking to be heard and seen? Relationships can be complex and tricky, but not really. Whether it's attracting the perfect partner or mending ties with your parent, child, or past lover, the strategy is the same. 


Our expert guides specialize in strengthening relationship with yourself and others, providing online and in-person coaching sessions tailored to your individuality.


Unleash the power of self-discovery and personal growth with Heart Arts Academy. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the secrets to a fulfilling and harmonious life!

unique approach

Creating conscious connection

Discover the power of our coaching system incorporating 5 key elements. We provide a step by step approach to help you get to the root of who you are and how your energy flows. When you understand yourself deeply, you develop the compassion to understand others. Knowing firmly who you are and developing the power to see life from the perspective of another person is key to manifest and cultivate your dream relationship. 


Human Design

Based on astrology and other spiritual sciences, Human Design will unlock your true purpose and bring clarity to all of your greatest challenges. This system provides insight into your energy centers, allowing us to prescribe the right self-care practices for you to be in balance. With knowing your personal design, you'll learn an effective process for making decisions, how you best function in the world, and why your soul is here.



Hypnosis reframes your state of awareness and increases relaxation to improve focus and concentration. This technique speaks directly to your unconscious mind and can assist you to be open to suggestions about behavior changes. Think of this as making updates to your operating system. Gain control over behaviors you'd like to change that brings anxiety or pain and influence your conscious mind to attract more ease and flow. 


Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy (TLT) is a powerful therapeutic process to release painful emotions that get stored in a linear manner throughout our life. We tend to develop limiting beliefs such as "I'm not good enough" or "I don't deserve it," which has a lasting effect on our future. By accepting our past and understanding it does not shape us, we can become emotionally and physically light to truly step into who we were meant to be. 


Neurolinguistic Programming

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach that focuses on how you communicate with yourself and others. It is a model that empowers the use of language to help you influence thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to develop healthy habits and release old patterns. With enhanced communication, this will place you in full control over your experiences and will significantly improve your personal and professional skills. 


Self Care and Healing Practices

You'll learn ancient and modern techniques customized for you to strengthen mind, body, and spirit connection. Through yoga, qigong, tai-chi, reiki, and sound healing practices, you'll develop the awareness to find harmony within your being. It will lead you on a courageous journey to physically and emotionally reset and slow down. Peace of mind is a treasure and when we can find peace within ourself, we create peace with others. 


"Djazia is a TRUE blessing. She is a giver and really wants to help. She has amazing intuition and knowledge of the spiritual world. She is an amazing spiritual guide. I had been wanting her type of guidance for years and am truly blessed to have her as a spirit guide for me


Dustin S.


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