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Collin grew up on the island of Hawaii and enjoys sharing his island vibes of easiness and heart-centered living.

After pursuing the corporate life as an engineer and suffering from mental and physical illness, he had a profound calling to explore healing by traveling the world, learning new perspectives, and creating conscious connections with others.

As an international Yoga and Tai Chi instructor, Collin enjoys guiding individuals through a wide range of ancient eastern practices of movement, breath, and meditation in-order to manifest intentions and awaken the superhuman treasures that lie within us all.


His practice continues to evolve after 15 years in the eastern healing arts. He enjoys blending these arts into a fun, unique, and transformative practice that is accessible to all, while honoring the roots of each culture and lineage.

"Since movement is such a personal practice, it was crucial for me to learn these practices by receiving personal training with eastern arts masters. It allowed me to understand how to become conscious of my unique body and energy system and how it should properly be directed to benefit me the most in each changing moment. It'd be an honor to share this with you."

He also specializes in helping others rediscover their life-path and purpose, and uses effective questioning to help assist one in answering their own questions and resolving internal challenges. Additionally, through the use of ancient systems of Astrology and I Ching, one can make significant breakthroughs in understanding who they are and how to manage and direct their energies.


Djazia originates from the Amazigh indigenous tribe of North Africa, and is a natural intuitive guide through various healing modalities with certifications in Life Coaching, Yoga, Reiki, Hypnosis, Tai Chi, and Master Esthetics.

Djazia had an adverse upbringing in the middle east and believes that the challenges we all encounter are our greatest gifts. It is our mission to embrace it, do the inner work, and transmute it into our greatest power. She is fluent in English, French, and Arabic, and has worked internationally with royal families, ambassadors, celebrities, and corporate executives.

She has held positions as a spa owner, business development manager, and account excecutive manager, but her true calling is being of service.

For the past 20 years of trauma-informed coaching internationally, she has specialized in getting to the root of the problem and sharing authentically how to live fully from our heart space. Her passion is to light the path for self-discovery that activates creativity, authentic connection, healing, and full life expression.

"Because of the many trauma and death experiences in my life, it has given me the capacity to connect heart to heart with anyone. It is my purpose to share with you an approach for healing and transcending darkness into light."

Join a flow class with Collin and a restorative sound healing class with Djazia at a studio near you!


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