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Ladakh, India:
Regenerating Spirit and Nature

July 4th-14th, 2024


The immersion

Join Global Family Travels and Djazia on a 10-day Adventure to Nurture the spirit and the environment. 

We will learn human and landscape healing modalities and rituals through cultural-centric workshops and enjoy immersive experiences in sacred and healing spaces with monks, nuns, musicians, artists, Amchi-Tibetan doctors, shamans, yogis, and other important spiritual leaders. You will enjoy daily retreat activities, including a morning routine to uplift your spirit through intention, movement, and meditation aligned with yoga and qigong principles. 

Custodians of their traditions, arts, and land, the people of Ladakh are honored and proud to invite us to immerse in their communal culture by participating in culinary experiences, heritage walks, agricultural rituals, and monastic life. We will also support compassionate Ladakhi organizations engaged in supporting their communities and the natural environment. 

Oh...did we mention that we will be partaking in the celebration with the Dalai Lama for his 86th birthday on July 6!?  


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