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Image by Kalen Emsley

Self-exploration workshop

Location TBD

Sept. 10, 17, 24, and Oct. 1

$65/day or $199 for all 4

4pm to 6:30pm


Join Djazia for a 4-part workshop series!

Discover your natural gifts through ancient and modern practices of sound, movement, meditation, and breath.

Most of us agree that we all can learn more about our self...we are all faced adversity…we all wish we had more time…and we all long for love.


Through a 4-part series, we’ll explore these intrinsic feelings and learn practical tools to embrace these 4 extensive topics so that we can heal, create, and thrive. All sessions are unique and slightly build on the previous week, but can be attended in any order. 

Energy Center Meditation

relaxation techniques

restorative sound bath

Cleansing Breathwork

Reiki Energy healing

Free Flow Movement

Qigong Meditation

Tai Chi Forms

ayurveda & the 5 elements

Love Languages

Hatha Yoga 

heart expansion meditation

Part 1. Gain new insight into the self as we explore your energy centers, measure your unique resonance, and learn a method to access new states of consciousness to promote well-being. This session concludes with a restorative sound healing experience. 

Part 2. Embrace adversity by noticing the silver lining, and welcome in new potentials. Let go of old energies to ascend, break free from the “labels and boxes” that no longer serves you, and breakthrough with experiential activities.


Part 3. Explore ancient wisdom through practices such as Qigong, Tai Chi, Ayurveda, and being in harmony with the 5 elements in order to heal and prolong your life force. When in balance, you will have access to the flow state and experience ease and grace.

Part 4. Explore the many meanings of love as we all express and perceive it differently. Learn your love language and enhance your heart connection with a traditional Hatha yoga and heart opening practice. 

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