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Costa Rica Retreat 

reclaiming the mystery within 

7 days/6 nights


from $2,000 to $3,500
(shared or private cabin)


Slow down in the heart of nature and reclaim the secret mystery within!

Experience a unique 7-day adventure at Heaven on Mother Earth (HOME) Farm, a sacred 55-acre sanctuary with lush and vibrant nature, sitting atop the pristine Nauyaca Waterfalls and Baru River and close by to Dominical Beach.

Explore your divinity through ancient techniques and healing practices. The old paradigm of seeking external validation dissolves when we recognize the source we have been seeking is within ourselves.

You’ll be guided by four incredibly experienced and diverse facilitators who have committed to a life of service. Receive multiple viewpoints as they offer their unique perceptions to assist in the development of your own truth.

What's Included?

6 night cabin accomodations

3 organically sourced meals per day

Roundtrip Transportation from airport (SJO)

Temazcal Sweat Lodge 

Ecstatic Dance

Cacoa Ceremony

Nature Land Immersions

Healing Circles & Integration Groups

Daily Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation Practices

Sound Bath & Frequency Therapy

Experiencial Activities and Games

Inner Child Healing

1 Private Coaching and Yoga Session

Example Daily Schedule

Morning sessions:

Movement & Meditation to awaken our life force

Breakfast Break

Group workshops and lesson (e.g. relationships)

Nature Break (e.g. waterfall and river)

Individual work and inner exploration

Lunch Break

Afternoon sessions:

Free Time for exploring, swimming, napping, private sessions, etc.

Dance & Creative Expression to honor the sun

Dinner Break

Healing Circle & Ceremony

Yoga Temple Sign

Yoga Temple Sign














We all have blind spots and our mission is to unlock and shine a light on them.

When do you learn the best? When you’re healthy, experiencing the lesson first hand, and having fun while doing it. Ironically, we are inherently free and have everything we need. Sometimes we need guidance to shift through the clutter and be reminded of how infinite we are.

In this one-of-a-kind experience included with this retreat, you will receive 3 months of follow-up with our guides.

Have you been feeling overwhelmed from the demands of our fast-paced society or simply seeking a safe space in paradise to recharge?

What if the rules you’ve been following of working harder to achieve more no longer apply?

What transformation can happen in an “instant,” by discovering your true self and changing your approach from 'life having to be hard' to allowing life to be easy with simple and consistent practices?


Realize the mystery within in through an intimate connection of like-hearted individuals designed to:







Food 1

Food 1

Restore your creative life force with healthy food, guided movement/breath practices, and playful adventure.

Dive deep into your inner child and uncover any blockages holding you back from uncovering your true power and divinity. 

Explore relationship and communication practices to improve and attract clearer connection with self, partner, and all others around you.

Assist in recognizing unconscious behavior patterns that may be preventing you from attracting what is yours. 

Embrace your true essence of energy and vibration through sound and frequency healing.

Foster self-care practices specific to you that will support a lifestyle authentically connected from the heart.

Enhance your intimacy with the mother earth, our home and source.

Create lasting relationships with individuals who offer support and unconditional love.


We’ll transform into a regenerative sanctuary and educational center at HOME FARM in San Salvador Del Baru, nestled in the heart of the Diamanté Valley in Costa Rica.

Resting on 55 acres of lush jungle, and sitting atop the pristine Nauyaca Waterfalls, we will be surrounded by nature, fruit forests, bamboo groves, cozy accommodations, and the sound of howlers monkeys, scarlet macaws, hummingbirds, and clean flowing water.

We'll also definitely take a beach trip to Dominical Beach close by! Immerse in this nature experience, unplugged from the daily routine, and reconnected to the elements of earth.


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djazia pic 2.jpg

Djazia originates from the Amazigh indigenous tribe of North Africa, and is a natural intuitive guide through various healing modalities with certifications in Life Coaching, Yoga, Reiki, Hypnosis, Tai Chi, and Master Esthetics.

"Because of the many trauma and death experiences in my life, it has given me the capacity to connect heart to heart with anyone. It is my purpose to share with you an approach for healing and turning your darkness into light."

Djazia had a relatively rough upbringing in the middle east and believes that the challenges we all encounter are our greatest gifts. It is our mission to embrace it, do the inner work, and transmute it into our greatest power. She is fluent in English, French, and Arabic, and has worked internationally with royal families, ambassadors, celebrities, and corporate executives.

She has held positions as a spa owner, business development manager, and account excecutive manager, but her true calling is being of service.

For the past 20 years in her coaching, she has specialized in getting to the root of the problem and sharing authentically how to live fully from our heart space. Her passion is to light the path for self-discovery that activates creativity, authentic connection, healing, and full life expression.

Kailash pic.jpg

Kailash brings wisdom from all parts of the globe as he's worked for large corporate companies such as Microsoft and Ford Motors and has taught powerful techniques in leadership, relationship, communication, qigong, and martial arts in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and South America. He has degrees in nutrition and behavorial psychology, and was a facilitator at a Hindu ashram in Germany. Drawing on a background of eastern philosophy, psychology, and his own spiritual journey, Kailash uses experiential activities to assist people in living life from the heart. With over 25 years of experience as a relationship wellness guide, his customized approach has assisted thousands in their quest for inner awareness and unity. As a specialized experiential facilitator, he brings awareness to patterns for each person to discover which patterns serve them. He enjoys building rope courses to help facilitate his experiences, so come ready to play! His home base is in the Pacific Northwest where he enjoys connecting with the Divine in nature through his spiritual practices.

Christopher Pic.JPG

Christopher shares the nature of our inherently freed being through written word, meditation, conversation, and retreat. He lives in Costa Rica with his divine lover. Christopher has sat one on one and in groups with people from around the globe for the last twelve years. He draws from his training in psychotherapy, coaching, and sharing the direct path of meditation commonly known as Advaita Vedanta or nonduality. He discovered his passion to serve while leading his first retreat his junior year of high school. Since then, Christopher has trained and put into practice principles from transpersonal (spiritual psychology), philosophy, tranformational coaching, meditation and theater arts. Much of what he shares nows draws on the question he began asking when he was first introduced to philosophy, "What makes a happy life? What makes a life worth living?" Having been an actor for three years, he recognized his joy for story telling, playing for the sake of playing, and being a cosmic actor on grand stage of life. These explorations in philosophy, psychology, and theater inspired him to begin a coaching and meditation pracitce where he points people toward their true nature and offers 'practical mysticms' for living in accordance with true nature. He has found plant medicine a supportive allie and most recently he co-created 'One Spirit - Infinite Journies' retreats collective where he enjoys sharing his work/play on retreats around the globe. Christopher recalls the essense of why he got on this path to begin with, "To be happy as I am." He looks forward to sharing in this 'already free space' of being with whomever feels called to this retreat.


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