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Personal guidance

     We offer private sessions! Need guidance or healing? Are you beginning your journey into a self-care practice? Have you participated in one of our classes and wanted to deepen your learning of proper technique so you can safely move? Or maybe you are getting back into your practice after a long break? In a mindful movement practice such as yoga and tai chi, it is important to understand alignment and technique that is unique to your body. We have programs just for you that starts from the ground up!


Introduction to Yoga or Tai Chi

     In this 8 session series, learn the basic foundation of a healthy practice. Through customized instruction and hands on assist, you will be able to develop your own routine to practice on your own or effectively flow in a public group class. 

Yoga Practice
Tai Chi Practice on the Waterfront

Sound & Frequency Therapy



     Heal, restore, and balance! Sound, frequency, and vibration therapy has proven to be incredibly effective. Through the use of Tibetan and crystal bowls, restorative yoga, reiki energy, tapping exercises, and frequency technology, you will tune back into balance and increase your energy flow. 

Energy Healing
Sound Healing 3.png
Sound Healing 2.png

Life Coaching

     Explore a new path through personalized coaching in any topic related to health, food, relationship, career, and spiritual or personal development. You'll develop clarity on how to move through the ebbs and flows of life. 

Sunset Views
Office Meeting
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